Authentic Style: Elevating the Everyday

Jenny is a lifelong artist who picked up product design, interior design, & finally surface pattern design, along the way. Her experience pushes her to make art and products that you will love to live with and designs that you can’t resist.  Jenny’s influences include Cape Cod, a decade in New York City, Richard Deibenkorn, and lots of music her kids call “ancient”.  Jenny’s values are imbued in all that you see in the shop: creative expressionfamilybeautiful detailsgrowthintegrity, and personal connection.

Elevated everyday style. It’s an often overlooked part of self-care and integral to keeping a positive outlook on life. When you feel good, you can be of better service to the world. Beauty and details matter, and Jenny creates patterns, artwork, and products with these ideas in mind.

Honor yourself with beautiful surroundings— beautiful to you— the small details that make your heart sing are an expression of your true self. Expression and connection are essential to your health and well-being, so that you can support family and friends on this crazy journey called life.

How can we help you elevate your everyday?